Your Right to be "ALL Right"

Your Right to be "ALL Right"

Hello Lifers, Happy Monday!

As you go through this week, many blessings to you!

If you are feeling discouraged, stuck, unmotivated, or need a little pick me up, here are a few quick words to help you restore your faith, refocus, and move forward. We encourage you to practice these daily.

Celebrate your blessings.

When you feel like it is you against the world, remember gratitude can bring you back to a sense of peace and joy. Taking the time to celebrate who you are, what you have, and what you have been protected from can move you from fear to faith. You are always being guided to your happiness. Take a moment daily to acknowledging your progress.

Remember who you are.

Happiness begins when you remember your right to be ‘ALL right.’ You were born worthy of what you are working towards, and nothing says you have to wait to be happy then. You can decide to be contented with where you are while you create what you want. You don’t have to earn the right to be happy or do anything to have it; you just have to remember it is your birthright.

Allow more in.

Remember, mindset is everything. This week expect only great things. Expect doors opening, abundance pouring in, paths clearing, and bridges mending. Keep your heart, mind, and eyes open to the miracles coming your way. Allow more of the good things by acknowledging the good things. You deserve happiness, never forget that.

Practice being all right with a new daily habit. Journaling is a helpful habit that can help you expand your focus beyond what you face to move forward. Happiness is about concentrating on how you want to feel and live. 🙏⁣⁣ Our journals can help. Check it out!

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Until next time.

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