Your Happiness is Your Responsibility. #9999

Your Happiness is Your Responsibility. #9999

Your happiness is your responsibility. Many people repeat some of the choices they make because they don't know how to decide differently. If you are looking to change, awareness of your inner narrative and your power of choice is where transformation can begin. Doing better starts with recognizing your thoughts and how they influence your decision-making. Here are a few key steps that can help you make better choices that lead to more happiness. 

Become more self-aware of the process of choice.

Awareness is defined as knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists. Self-awareness is where you are tuned in and mindful of what drives your choices. Before you take action, you must be conscious that you are always using past experiences and emotions to evaluate then decide. Awareness helps you learn to respond versus react. Responding puts you in control of your choices.

Paying attention to your self-narratives.

What you decide to do always comes from what you believe. What you consider your truth comes from your personal narratives. Narratives are your way of understanding a situation or series of events that reflect a particular point of view or set of values. Everyone sees the world differently, and your account comes from your experiences, environment, and what you have been taught. If your current story is not serving your happiness, then it is time to change your choices.

Time to make better choices.

To use awareness to your advantage, observe yourself when you are making choices. Pay attention to your feelings, reactions, thoughts, and how they impact your decisions. You can't make improvements unless you are aware of what needs to be changed in the first place. When you understand why you do what you are doing, you uncover the motivation behind your behavior. There is always a root belief behind every action. These root beliefs are the biggest influences on your choices.

Freedom begins with adjusting your mindfulness.

Instead of staying stuck in a repetitive cycle, move forward with being conscious of your thoughts and your ability to change. This gives you the power of your choice. Past experiences no longer have to dictate your present and your future. No one ever said you could not change your mind. Make new choices and then take further action. You always have a choice. Exercise it.

Keep going, my friend, and remember:

"Your first step to change is exercising your power in choice."

Are you showing up for yourself by making the right choices? Growth happens when you care about how you feel. Focus on the parts of you that encourage good feelings, not the thoughts that challenge your wellbeing. Find your love, strength, light, and happiness with a new daily habit.

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That's it for this week. Until next time.

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