You Are the Point of Attraction

You Are the Point of Attraction

Have you noticed that when you appreciate what you have and where you are, you become more hopeful for where you are going? This practice of prioritizing good feelings like gratitude is a potent way to create the best version of yourself and your life. Focusing on how you want to feel, what thoughts you are creating, and releasing the control of outcomes, activates you as a powerful point of attraction where your desires come to you.

We know that these practices may not come naturally to most, but here are two tips beyond emotional wellbeing that can help you further activate yourself as a powerful point of attraction.

It's all about working on your beliefs.

When you manage your inner world, everything naturally changes around you. This means that work must be done to change your thoughts to more positive ones before you even try to change your emotions. Sometimes what you believe about the situation in a moment can be distracting you from the truth. Firstly, remember that at every moment you already have what you need. When your mind travels to a painful past or project worry about your future, you activate those limiting beliefs that prevent you from seeing what is actually happening in the current moment. When you find yourself stuck or in an uncomfortable situation, ask yourself if the beliefs or thoughts you are activating are true.

Negative emotions may be reactions from past beliefs that need to be separated from what you are experiencing right now. An example of this is your finances, especially if you have experienced lack in the past. If you concentrate on never having enough money to pay your bills in the future, you cannot focus on creating the finances you need in the now. It is up to you to get proactive with building new beliefs around your resources; that is where you better align with where you want to be.

You are always 100 percent in control of what you can create as long as you believe you have the skills to make more. Alignment with where you want to be is about focusing on how you want to feel, rather than accepting the negative emotion of fear about future finances as truth. Everyone wants to feel financially secure, find the truth about your ability to create more money. Never lose sight of the fact that "believing supports receiving." Believing you have what it takes to generate more will support your attraction of more.

Develop your skill of letting go.

Letting go the right way is difficult, but it can be learned. Letting go is not about giving up; it is about learning how to receive. Both effort-ing and forcing come from fear; creating comes from faith. Letting go of how things should come to you allows you to welcome it in unlimited ways. When you release the timing of something you desperately want, it comes to you faster. Let's use finances as an example again. If you let go of how the money you need comes, you open yourself to multiple ways of receiving it. The funds may show up from a loan to a friend being unexpectedly repaid. It may also come from an opportunity to work overtime or even winning the lottery. It does not matter how the money comes to you; you have to believe the money will show up. Worrying about money distracts you from the paths opening up for you. Remember you are the point of attraction for what you have asked for; this means that it comes to you, and your only job is to take inspired action, like answering the friend's phone call or buying the lottery ticket.

You cannot take back the prayers you have prayed, and you cannot take back the dreams you are building. Trust is an emotion that helps you see that everything you have asked for is making its way to you. You are never given a dream without the resources to receive it. Keep working on improving the beliefs that limit you and the letting go of how things should go. Everything is always working out for you because YOU ARE THE POINT OF ATTRACTION!

Until next time.

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