Win In Your Mind, Win In Your Life

Win In Your Mind, Win In Your Life

We all know what it is like to work toward a specific outcome and then have to wait through what seems like forever for it to manifest. This week we are here with words of encouragement to help you stay trusting that what you are creating is on its way. You have heard us say it all before; prepare for what you desire. We know that it is hard to wait, but we implore you to find what needs to be done mentally to make your magic materialize. Sometimes manifestation is all about the readiness of your mind and spirit, not continued action. Remember, you must win in your mind before you win in life.

The definition of prepare is to make (something) ready for use. While you wait, are you getting YOU ready? Being prepared requires faith, flow, patience, and you being who you need to be to receive.

Here are two quick things you can do to get more mentally prepared.

Check-in with yourself.

To improve your mental positivity and boost your internal drive, you must believe that everything is working out in your favor, especially delays, detours, and disruptions. Today make a list of what you desire and add a description of who you need to be to get there. This checklist of traits, abilities, or mindsets can help you realign to yourself. It is an opportunity to find what else needs spiritual and emotional improvements to keep you motivated on your journey. Remember, you are always expanding and moving closer to your desires, even if it’s one inch at a time. One inch daily is more than the day before. Look at one inch as enough.

Ask the right questions.

Flow with the life you have. What is being sent your way is all part of the plan. Don’t resist the unfolding by holding on to how you think it should go. Instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” ask the question, “What is this experience trying to teach me?” There is always something to learn before you move forward. Start asking the right questions. The right questions will lead to the right solutions.

Reminder - Patience is key.

Lastly, be patient. Everything is happening at the right time. There is a bigger purpose at work, trust in Divine timing.

Here is a positive affirmation to keep you going and expecting what you desire this week:

“I am faithful and patient to the Divine plan for my life.”

Until next time!

The more you practice happiness, the better you become, and the more joyous your days. If you practice living life, you enjoy and understand it a little bit better. To make your happiness a priority, grab one of our journals today!

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