Why Is Waiting So Hard?

Why Is Waiting So Hard?

No one likes to wait. It is human nature to want to rush to get fast results. When we want to lose weight, we want it all gone in a week. When we are checking out, we want it to be done in seconds. When we pray, we want the results to manifest instantly. Waiting is hard for everyone, but for many, waiting usually means worry.
My question to you is, are we ever truly waiting, or are we somehow always quietly progressing?

Waiting creates worry when we need to examine our dysfunctional relationship with the passage of time. We focus on the future and not the here and now. For many, it’s not like you don’t believe what you want is coming, it’s the wait for it. Yes, it takes mental strength to survive the delay, but typically it is not the wait that gives us worry; it’s the focus on the future. Peace, calm, tranquility, and serenity practiced in the present moment can help combat worry.

Waiting is actually one of the most powerful tools we have for creating the life we want. What makes us uncomfortable with waiting is the inactivity or the perceived lack of progress. We have a human need to make sense of our wait through seeing things happen. Sometimes the delay is not about when, but more about who we need to be.

It is important here to note that we are always progressing in some way. As a human, we like to see progress validated by external manifestations. We need to understand that sometimes development is just as much a journey within as an external achievement. You have to learn to give yourself credit for the work you are doing on yourself just as much as the actions taken to make your goals manifest.

There are things that happen on a subconscious level, in ourselves and others, that prepare us for the materialization of what we want. Look back over your life, and you’ll see a pattern of preparedness that made the wait worth it.

A better way is to take stock of what you know (and, even more importantly, what you don’t know) and then… wait. Surviving the wait is about recognizing that there is just as much going on within you that there is showing up for you.

There’s a Divine timing to all things, and it’s often not the timing we want. Trust the wait by doing the internal work just as much as the external action.

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