Whatever You Are Not Changing, You Are Choosing

Whatever You Are Not Changing, You Are Choosing

Keep going, my friend. Your prayers will be answered soon.

Many of you are going through a tough time and are losing faith in things turning around in your favor. Fear and faith require you to believe in something you cannot see; only you can decide which one to give your power. Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. You must trust and persist through the transition if you want to see the other side. As you know, transformation takes time and requires patience. If your past experiences have taught you anything, is that change is the only constant.

You have the power to improve your life, one decision at a time. Believing things will change is challenging, but it is possible. Today we encourage you to be faithful and trust in your abilities. Keep your commitment to doing the emotional, mental, and spiritual work needed to succeed. You have what it takes to make the life change you want. Continue to show up and keep pushing forward with gratitude. Credit yourself for always doing the best you can. Expect that something good is coming your way, and let this hope help you bridge the gap between staying stuck or forging forward.

Newton's third law states that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action (force) in nature. All that love you have been giving yourself, work you have been doing to improve your life, is building up. Trust that the Universe will return the same good to you in significant and unexpected ways. Nothing can stop your destiny.

Believe what you desire will desire soon! Keep creating.

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