What are You Creating From the Chaos?

What are You Creating From the Chaos?

Hello Lifers, Happy Monday!

As you go through this week, blessings to you!

Hello July! We have now entered the last half of 2020, and what a year it has been this far. Many of you have had breakthroughs, breakdowns, breakups, and breakouts, and that was just the first half of the year. We have all been quarantined, and life, as we know, changed forever. As the year keeps on giving us surprises, have you thought about what you can create from the madness? 

Some might see 2020 as chaotic, but you can choose to see it as an opportunity to create magic from the mess. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the last half of the year. 

Begin with creating your miracles.

Miracles begin with relationships, and the most important one you can have is with self. The relationship you have with you determines the life you can create. Many people struggle with developing the life they want because they either don't know where to start or don't know what they want. Don’t let this year go to waste; begin creating a new you today. This week we challenge you to do one thing for yourself daily. What you do is your choice, make sure it is all for you.

Release the past.

We all have a past we are working to overcome. You will have to spend some time understanding how your history has impacted you today, but the most important lesson here is accepting that this process will take time. Once you decide to heal, give your trauma time to transform into your triumph. You cannot heal decades of pain overnight. Be patient with that process while you progress. You do not have to be fully healed to create; you have to work at feeling your best WHILE you work at building your best.

Remember, you are a powerful creator.

Creation is a choice, and that is what you want to focus on. You have the opportunity to actively participate in your life. This requires you to develop your connection to what you want. Invest in yourself, whether it's time, energy, or habit creation. This deliberate action will help you build the best version of you. Sometimes the parts of you that hold you back need to be cleansed before you can create. Don't let the cleansing stop you from creating. You have to build while you clear.

What do you want?

Ask this question and list everything you want to create this year. You write the story you want to tell of 2020. What can you do to begin the process of building your next chapter? This is where most people get overwhelmed. You do not have to completely change your life; you only have to decide to do ONE intentional act at the frequency you choose. All you need to do is take small, consistent action. One repeated act builds momentum.

Change what you focus on. 

Instead of focusing on the change, focus on how you want to feel daily. If you feel accomplished, you will work at achieving more. If you feel worthy of what you work for, you will go for more. Focus on how you feel daily.

Your story is in your hands.

Make this last part of the year count; you have what it takes. End 2020 on a high point of success.

That’s it for this week.

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