Use Hope to Create Change

Use Hope to Create Change

Hello Lifers, Happy Monday!

As you go through this week, many blessings to you!

When faced with difficulty, leaning on the emotion of hope can help you move forward and imagine possibilities. It can change your perception of having no options to one of acknowledging great things that are happening in your life. However, having hope by itself does not work, adding a vision is where you begin to move closer to making improvements in your life. 

As a noun, hope is “a feeling of expectation and desire.” As a verb, hope is to “expect with confidence." Change begins when you internally shift your hope from a noun into a verb by creating a clear vision and expecting a new outcome in your life.  

Hope is not something that comes naturally to some people. It is developed over a lifetime of experiences that cultivate the belief that in any situation, there is a blessing unfolding. If you are trying to build your hope and create a vision for your life, here are a few writing prompts that can help.

1. Make the most of self-reflection

Self-reflection can either help you feel more hopeful or more hopeless; it just depends on how you choose to focus. Inspire yourself with hopeful self-reflection by asking yourself:

  • What past experiences do I feel most proud of?
  • Did I experience any difficulties in achieving those experiences?
  • What can I be thankful for today?
  • What events or circumstances can I look forward to in the future?

2. List your strengths and resources

You will naturally begin to feel more hopeful when you acknowledge your ability to overcome the problems and challenges you face. One of the best ways to grow your self-confidence is to take out a sheet of paper and begin listing three key things:

  • Your strengths, skills, or abilities.
  • The current resources that are available to you.

3. Have trust in yourself

Hope, of course, requires faith. It requires that you completely trust yourself and your ability to get through any and every situation you face. Complete the following sentences to give yourself a boost:

  • I believe in myself because …
  • I will get through this because …
  • Everything is working out for the best because …

Life does not always go to plan, and setbacks will often derail your efforts. However, a hopeful person still trusts that everything is working out for the best, no matter how dire their situation.

Use what you wrote down above and create a new vision for your life. There is a gift in every situation.

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