Trust You Can Find Your Light. #4444

Trust You Can Find Your Light. #4444

When the foundation of your existence is tested, there is no better time to practice trust. Trust that what you are going through is leading you to a breakthrough and the clarity you need. When something you are holding on to is crumbling, allow it to fall away because it holds you back from your happiness. In the face of adversity, you are being guided to what truly brings you joy. Trust your beliefs are only being tested to reveal your truth.

Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate through change.

Find some good through gratitude.

Things will happen to distract you and bring uncertainty in your life; look at this as your determination to your happiness being tested. When your sense of direction is turned off, find something good to hold on to. See that not everything in your life is changing; just one aspect that is significant enough to make you feel like it all is.  

Yes, you have an obstacle, but you can still choose to focus on something positive. Focusing on what is going well does not mean you ignore your challenges; it means you empower yourself to not completely give up. Make a list of the good things every day and direct your gratitude toward them. This will help you invite solutions because you want to find a way through. Finding something good gives you hope.

Find your light.

Don’t allow your circumstances to change who you are or compromise the essence of what you embody. Your challenge is trying to transform you and improve a specific part of you. The experience is not coming to take you down; it is trying to elevate you to your higher good. Situations are to remind you who you are and what you care about. Even though a lot is going on, you can decide to stand still or stand firm.

You create the life you want, don’t feed into the confusion of one part and miss the clarity of all your other pieces. You are being given an opportunity to change where you are and who you are. Use this dark period to reconnect to your light. Remember, emotions like peace, confidence, happiness, joy, are the same no matter if it is at night or during the day; the only difference is the amount of light being shined on it. This is the same for you; you are the same in the dark and in the light. Reconnect to who you are, and you will find your peace.  

Trust and connect to yourself. You will find your purpose and authenticity. Keep going, my friend. Remember, the sun always rises; grab hold of your faith and focus forward. You’ve got this.

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Keep going my friend, finding what feels good will empower you to live the life you desire.

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