Three Tips for Inner Child Healing

Three Tips for Inner Child Healing

Turmoil on the outside can be the result of what is happening on the inside. It can take one place of hurt in your past to always create chaos, restlessness, and the lack of fulfillment in your present. It could all stem from the pain you are hiding and not healing. Often childhood pain is the culprit that surfaces in your adult life to hinder your creativity and ability to move forward. Working to heal your inner child can help you address some of these lingering issues. It is about self-discovery, recognizing, and accepting things that caused you pain in childhood to resolve them. Bringing these hurts out into the light of day can help you begin to understand their impact and allow yourself to create change for your future.

Suppose you find yourself frequently experiencing anger over unmet needs, intense responses to abandonment or rejection, crippling insecurity, fear of vulnerability, heavy guilt or shame, and frequent anxiety episodes. In that case, these feelings are often unresolved from childhood. They appear in situations that trigger strong emotions, discomfort, or old wounds. If you can trace these feelings back to specific childhood events, you may realize similar situations in your adult life trigger the same responses.

It is what we carry in secret that can hold us down.

Purging and addressing these feelings are essential to moving forward. Today decide to line up your inside with your outside and begin taking control of how you want your inner child to feel. Put as much energy into yourself as you do with others by facing your inner child. We often think we need permission to release ourselves from what bogs us down, but today you can decide to let it all go. If there is anything your past has taught you, it is that you are a survivor.

Today acknowledge the POWER in your ability to ACCEPT, ASK and ALLOW. Here are three tips to help you meet and work with your inner child.

ACCEPT. You are one decision away, one question away, one start away, and one try away from creating the life you want through taking control of how you want to feel. On your life's journey, you will have great moments and trying moments, twist and turns, laughter and pain, pleasure and process, humbling and healing, but it is your choice to leave them where they are, in the past. Yes, you were disappointed. You are not alone; your inner child is not alone. You are there to guide them. Accept the reality of your past and create a way to move forward. That child has now grown up, and you can show that child to meet you in the present. You've got this.

ASK. When you feel hurt, the first inclination is to retreat to your inner child's unresolved emotions. It is in these moments you can learn what you need to move forward. Tests today are not given to destroy you; they are sent to strengthen areas you need to resolve. Yes, the lesson may be challenging, but you are never tested on what you know; you are tested on what you need to grow past the stuck inner child. What you are going through might be painful, but it just a test to help you get better. It is sent to show you what you need to strengthen. Find your lesson that needs to be addressed from your inner child. Ask the following questions to your inner child:

How do you feel?"

How can I support you?"

What do you need from me?

How do you want to feel?

Most of the feelings that your inner child developed came from situations and circumstances that were not pleasant. Remind your inner child that those moments are gone. With compassion, let your inner child know that they do not have to stay in that loop of emotions. Work with your inner child to move past the loop and figure out how it wants to feel. Start a new series of questions by developing a new narrative with new emotions. Distract your inner child from the old emotion until it feels less of that emotion. Get curious about new feelings, like a new toy. The more curiosity means, the more creative your inner child can be with how it wants to feel. Ask the following questions to begin the process to move forward:

Do you ever feel like how you want to feel?

What activities make you feel the way you want to feel?

ALLOW: Life is a journey; knowing that you can heal your inner child is faith in the process. Flowing with how you want to feel rather than accepting the old feeling is the only way you could feel better. Have you ever looked back and marvel at how far you have traveled and how much you have learned? Use that same excitement to know that constantly working with your inner child will create change. Healing is an active process. It requires patience and compassion. Take comfort in that and allow yourself to move forward one feeling at a time.

All life's trials are adjustments that are needed to prepare you for the second half of your life. Keep going. Make the next half of your life the best half.

We love & appreciate all your support!

Until next time!

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