The Habit of Happiness

The Habit of Happiness

In schools, we are taught how to live, provide for ourselves, choose a career, etc., but we aren't educated on a critical aspect of our lives - how to maintain happiness. Nothing we formally learn prepares us for the truth about happiness. Happiness is not an object to be acquired; it's a practice. Happiness is not a thing; it's a process. So how does anyone intentionally practice happiness?

One of the biggest obstacles to personal happiness is past experiences and current conditions. Many people feel that what has happened or what is happening defines who they are. Sometimes the dissatisfaction you are feeling is because you aren't using your life to your benefit. We encourage you to find something to be satisfied with every day.

Start with seeing that waking up every morning is one of the biggest blessings you can have; it means you get another chance to live differently. Each day is like your personal reset button. It does not mean you need to bring yesterday into today; it just means you have a fresh new start at creating. Every day you get a new chance to make your happiness a habit.

A habit is defined as a "regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up." Happiness is defined as the "state of being confident in or satisfied with (a person, arrangement, or situation)." Thus, the habit of happiness is the "regular practice of being satisfied with whatever you face."

We have all seen a tv show or movie with the main character repeating a day in some sort of loop. Eventually, they figure out how to fix the day and emerge a hero. Life is not like that; every day is designed differently and requires new choices and responses. However, some people loop their behaviors despite the change in the day. Are you looping your bad habits into your day, expecting new results? 

Today we challenge you to look at what you repeat.

People who are happy put effort into developing every day differently. They build their daily lives by design, then create their experiences. They decide how they want to feel. They recognize their reality is living how they want. They approach each day as new, leaving the old experiences and habits behind. They intentionally put work into the creation of their day.

Nothing worth having is ready-made and requires some level of effort. This is why life is different every single day. Your habits affect how the day evolves. By focusing your energy on making your happiness a priority, you begin to feed, nurture, and attract more joy into your life.

The habit of happiness: FIND what makes you FEEL good and FOCUS on it.

  1. Make a list of what makes you happy or feel positive emotions like love or gratitude. This helps you move from resistance or dissatisfaction to allowing and solutions.
  2. Make a list of habits or actions that keep these positive feelings at the forefront. This helps you define the steps needed to make improvements or develop solutions.
  3. Focus on creating your change one day at a time.

Remember, there is never a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

Until next time.

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he more you practice happiness, the better you become, and the more joyous your days. If you practice living life, you enjoy and understand it a little bit better. To make your happiness a priority, grab one of our journals today!

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