Surviving Change

Surviving Change

With everything going on today, answers seem hard to come by when things spiral out of control. Constant change and uncertainty have become the norm. We are all trying to figure out how to manage our wellbeing, transition through healing from the past, and develop the right skills to move forward. How do we deal with the constant change we are experiencing? 

Everyone has experienced challenges, opportunities, trials, triumphs, and all have shaped and impacted our lives today, more than we know. Over time all the pain, anger, and frustration we carry have taken root, built up, and embedded themselves in our system, clouding all the decisions we make. Have you ever considered how much of your past successes or failures are behind your decision making today?

How do we release the pain of our past, make clearer decisions, and heal despite change? 

Let’s look at a few facts. One thing you know for sure is that life is uncertain, and the thought of that uncertainty is scary. Second, ask yourself, what is the one thing that is consistent in your life? The answer may surprise you - despite what you face daily, the only constant in your life is YOU!

Think about it, how others react, how circumstances may unfold, can vary daily, but the one thing always in the mix is you. In realizing this fact, we want you to explore what you have control over. How you manage your emotions and thoughts are the ONLY constants that give you power. How you respond to change defines you.

This week, you can transition from feeling overwhelmed, hurt, unsure, or afraid by moving towards believing in the skills you have and use them to help you solve the problem you face. Stop making decisions based on the past and focus on creating change through your abilities. Make your decision based on the life you want to create in the future.

Managing your emotions begins with focusing on the solution, not the problem.

We are all given a unique set of abilities to equip us on our journey in life. Call on these abilities to get you out of any circumstance you face. The outside world may change, but the strength, skills, and abilities you have developed will never change. Use them to help you heal, move forward, overcome, and create the life you want.

The more trust you have in yourself and your abilities, the better you feel, and the better you heal. Let go of the burdens you carry and take control by using more of your skills to move forward. Your abilities, skills, and strength are your constant in an ever-changing world. 

Today we encourage you to start by focusing on your abilities. Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself. Surprise yourself, write as many as you can.

Good luck and have a blessed week, my friend.

Remember, you have to be willing to do the work to improve what you want to change.

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