Paying Yourself First

Paying Yourself First

Don't you love it when the direct deposit of your paycheck hits your account? You worked hard, and now it's time for you to reap the benefits of it all. Cha-Ching! You have it all figured out what you will do with your money. New shoes? Great dinner? New outfit? Maybe even a trip. Then reality hits you. You owe Mr. Bills.

Before getting excited and spending all your money, you know you must pay your bills first. Before you go treating yourself and even others around you, there is this thing called responsibility that comes month after month. Ugh, no one likes Mr. Responsibility. I mean, who needs shelter, electricity, or even water? Well, guess what you do! Just as you have to continue to pay your bills if you want to keep your shelter, you also have the same duty to occasionally pay yourself first. Now I know what you are thinking, yes, an excuse to get those new shoes. But paying yourself first is not a monetary act. 

Paying yourself first is keeping "you" right. Just like paying your electricity bill, you must pay your 'personal' energy bill! You stay empowered by the quality of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Depositing into the "bank of you" is simply making purposeful deposits into your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual accounts. It is your overall wellness. Forgetting to make these periodic deposits will result in your unhappiness and inner bankruptcy. 

So, what is a mental account? It is how you think and where your thoughts originate. Cognition has to do with interpreting the world and acting in it. It is the mental abilities or processes that are part of nearly every human action and interaction. If you do not work on your mental wellness, you can have a breakdown. Everyone needs mental fuel to face their everyday ups and downs. So how can you deposit into your mental account? Instead of constantly processing and reacting to your life, find ways to express yourself. Start by learning and enhancing the skills you love. In other words, get to know yourself. Creativity is the most important aspect of maintaining good mental health. It isn't necessary that whatever you do should be perfect. Spend time exploring your creative expressions like - drawing, singing, painting, or even writing. If you do not consider yourself a creative person, seek out other people's expression of it. Listen to music, read books, or even go outside and observe nature. These exercises help you slow down and redirect your cognition in a controlled way while bringing joy.

Your emotional accounts also need deposits. Sometimes you go through many emotions like loneliness, fear, stress, anger, or just plain sadness, which means your emotional account might need refueling. Emotional needs are feelings or conditions we need to feel happy, fulfilled, or at peace. Without them, we may feel frustrated, hurt, or dissatisfied. An emotional deposit is working on understanding yourself and coping with the challenges life can bring your way. Make an emotional deposit by acknowledging how you feel and managing it constructively. Start with understanding what you desire to feel better. For example, if you identify that you are overwhelmed, find what helps you to unplug and reset. Getting clear about how you genuinely feel helps you recognize what you want to get back on track.

Your physical account needs a deposit as well. Spend some time investing in your body, health, and your overall physical well-being. Your body is connected to your emotional and mental state. Know when to take a run, hike, walk, even do some yoga. If you are physically sound, you think good and feel good. A physical deposit is not only taking care of your body, but also understanding the difference between resting and going. Remember, everything in this world needs rest, even you. Continuous over usage of anything results in inefficiency. Make the time to rest and relax. Go out on a vacation or picnic, be yourself, and remember to enjoy your free time.  

Lastly, deposit in your spiritual account. Our spirituality is how you connect to the world and people around you. It is how you feel as a spiritual being having a human experience. It is your understanding that everything is connected to one Source and that you are not alone on your journey. Everyone’s way of connecting to that Source is different. Make the time to remember the spiritual aspects of yourself, you can take walks in nature, practice gratitude, or regularly meditate or pray. Whatever you choose, occasionally work on connecting with your inner guide or spirit. There are many great books or videos on YouTube that you assist you with exploring you further. Remember that you must invest in your inner self to function and compete successfully in life's race

The next time you pay a bill, think about if you are "past due" on your "you bill." It might not be too late to get back on track with you. 

Until next time!

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