Love and Accept all Aspects of Yourself. #8888

Love and Accept all Aspects of Yourself. #8888

Loving who you are begins with paying attention to what you are producing in your life. How you feel on the inside is reflected in your world. Self-Love is an act of will. You must willingly decide to create it every day through your focus and actions.

Today learn to love yourself just a bit more with these tips to embrace all of who you are.

Embrace the good and the bad

To love and accept all aspects of yourself, you must praise every part of who you are. Think about it; every ingredient is necessary to bake a cake. If you were to take one component away, then the cake won’t be right. This is why you must learn to embrace the sweet with the salty of your life. You must welcome you as a whole to be whole.

Find the flow between your weakness and strengths

To flow and align with your fullness, you have to champion who you are. Begin with finding something you love when you feel insecure and make it strong. Sometimes all parts of you are needed for the journey. If you find yourself focusing on what you believe to be a weakness, challenge yourself to look at it differently. Every characteristic has two sides. For example, stubbornness makes you stick to your decisions, whether they are wrong or right. Being stubborn can be considered positive when it pushes you towards your goals. On the flip side, it can keep you away from your goals. You are the one who decides how to use your ‘perceived weaknesses.’ You can allow them to hinder you or propel you forward.

Lower your expectations

It’s easy to dislike yourself when you keep falling short of your expectations. When people expect too much from their actions, it’s because they believe they must have all the answers and results at once. Life is a journey where what you need will appear when you need it. Release the pressure of your expectation to perform at the level of perfection. Be gentler with yourself as you grow. Learning and making mistakes is part of the process of creating preferences.

Visualize yourself all better

See and speak to yourself as you would a friend or a child. Everyone has a fragile, growing child within them. Everyone begins the same, not knowing how to walk and learning with time. You are doing the best you can with what you know and what you have. As you step out to pursue what you want, picture yourself how you want it to be. Everyone has great potential with them. 

Ditch Regret

Sometimes what people do not like about themselves is deeply embedded in regret. Regret weighs heavy and distracts from who you became from experience. When you go through a difficult situation, you created preferences. When you know more about the good things you prefer, the more aware you are of your ability to create it. If you focus on what went wrong, you miss what you can make right.  Spend some time getting to know your likes and dislikes. The more you know about yourself, the more you can create a specific world for yourself.

Make time for reverence

You cannot find the good in you if you don’t take the time to be thankful for yourself. Make time daily to reflect on all the good you are doing to make your life better. This keeps you appreciating who you are and reminding you of your progress.

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Keep going my friend, finding what feels good will empower you to live the life you desire.

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