Letting the Real You Shine!

Letting the Real You Shine!

Everyone wants to be liked, but not everyone puts as much effort into liking who they are. How many times a day you please others, compared to how many times a day you focus on pleasing yourself. Self-love or self-first is not the opposition to the love of others. On the contrary, it is the basics of great relationships with others. Today we want to encourage you to explore the benefits of liking yourself more, rather than on getting others to like you. 

Here are six reasons why you should begin to put more focus on you.

Liking who you are empowers you. 

Liking who you are teaches you boundaries and self-respect. It then goes hand in hand with how people treat and respect you. Everyone wants to be treated fairly. Knowing what it means to be treated right gives you confidence. It empowers you to set the tone for how you want to be respected.

People like confident people.

We have often heard that confidence is what makes some people attractive. Someone who likes themself is positive, poised, and effectively takes care of themselves and others. Confidence should never be confused with arrogance. A confident person makes others feel assured in who they are because they are secure in themselves. 

Emotional stability.

When you focus on who you are, you understand how you feel. When you focus on how you want to feel, you create how you want to live. Relying on others for emotional validation can be volatile. When others control how you feel, they can control how you live.

Life becomes more fun and relaxing.

When you like who you are, it becomes natural to be your best self and let people see the real you. Honesty is an excellent foundation for friendships. People can tell when people are authentic. When you are genuine with your desires, you tend to pursue them.

What you think and feel expands.

What you focus on expands. The more you concentrate on liking who you are, the easier it becomes to embrace, help, and be kind to others. When you are kind to yourself, it is easier to recognize kindness in others. How much people like or do not love themselves flows over into their world.

Less self-sabotage.

Knowing what you deserve helps you to focus on going after what you desire. When people feel like they aren’t enough, they create actions that keep them back from succeeding. No one wants to lose, but self-sabotaging habits make this more prevalent than some people recognize. If you don’t feel like you could accomplish your desires, you can start doing stuff that screws things up. When you like who you are, there will be many less self-made obstacles in your mind to overcome on your path to your desires.

So how do you like yourself more?

Focus on how you want to feel daily. 

When you pursue things that fulfill you and make you happy, your focus is on doing the right things. When you do what you think is the right thing, you build your self-esteem. The right thing is about creating goals and pursuing them. The right thing is about setting personal boundaries and sticking to them. The right thing is about being grateful for where you are and working on creating more. The right thing will look different to everyone. It is up to an individual to figure out what is right for their life. 

Appreciate yourself.

Don’t take yourself for granted. You are the one that controls your happiness. Love yourself enough to give yourself grace as you navigate life. You might be making mistakes and learning on your own. Give yourself credit for how far you have traveled and what you have overcome. How you view yourself and how much you like yourself. Keep going. Make a habit of focusing on appreciating the good things about yourself. Make it a regular practice to think about positive things about you or the good things you have done and accomplished. Try one of the Commanding Life Journals, they can help with your daily self-care practice. 

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Keep going my friend, being self-first will empower you to like the life you desire.


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