Improve Your Self-Image In 7 Days

Improve Your Self-Image In 7 Days

We all have two images of who we are, how we see ourselves on the outside and another of how we see ourselves on the inside. The image you have inside is your inner self-image and the most important and influential of the two. Your entire self-image is all your accumulated thoughts developed over time about yourself. It affects how you feel and how you interact with others and the world around you.

A positive self-image can give you confidence in your thoughts and actions. It can also boost your physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. A negative self-image can make you doubtful of your capabilities and decrease your satisfaction with how you function in all areas of life. Many people aren’t very aware of who they truly are or what they can achieve because of an undeveloped or neglected self-image.

Your self-image determines how you interact or what you can achieve. At any time, you can enhance, improve, and change your self-image. It is not a permanent view of who you are; it is dynamic and constantly evolving. Everyone’s self-image changes throughout their life based on their experiences. You can learn to develop a better view of yourself no matter where you are in life. A healthy self-image starts with learning to accept, love, and embrace your ability to create and recreate yourself constantly.

Here is a quick method to improve your self-image over the next 7 days.

Take a moment to sit quietly and connect with your current self-image. Then ask yourself two questions.

  1. Does my current self-image connect with the image I have for myself or the life I want?
  2. What is the self-image I need to have to create the life I want?

After you spend time formulating a mental image of who you want to be, write it out. Start your writing by expressing gratitude, excitement, and appreciation for the new way you want to see yourself. Use short descriptive words. Here is an example:

I am excited and grateful for being:

Abundant. Blessed. Caring. Confident. Creative. Discerning. Disciplined. Focused. Fun to be Around. Funny. Generous. Gifted. Graceful. Great Conversationalist. Great Friend. Intentional. Instinctual. Intelligent. Kind. Loving. Loyal. Magnetic. Master of my Vibration. Patient. Reliable. Resource FULL. Smart. Spiritual. Success FULL. Wise.

Use these or any other qualities you desire. Print it out or save it to your phone and read it every day. Repetition is a great way to develop a new habit.

Remember, you become what you think about or direct your focus toward. See yourself capable of being what you have written down. A belief is a thought you continue to think. Create new beliefs about yourself. Believe in what you can imagine for yourself, and it will become a fact. 

That’s it for this week. Until next time.

The more you practice happiness, the better you become, and the more joyous your days. If you practice living life, you enjoy and understand it a little bit better. To make your happiness a priority, grab one of our journals today!

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