How to Get Everything You Desire

How to Get Everything You Desire

Are you happily living while what you desire comes to you?

You have heard the term “You are a powerful Creator” many times, but do you understand what it truly means? The definition of creation is the action or process of bringing something into life. Everyone in each moment wants more, and that desire for more is the first act of that creation.

Happiness is why you have desires.

Happiness is why you have desires. Remember, you are always creating the life you want. What you want is still coming to you, yes it takes time, but impatience for its realization is the most significant factor to unhappiness. If lacking what you want feels unfulfilling, you will never feel good because there will always be something needed to feel good. If you allow your happiness to be dependent on the presence of something or someone, you may never be happy. This is why it is essential to enjoy your life while what you desire manifests.

Joy is in the unfolding.

What you want is always being created, but you must stay present to see that it is happening. Life is consistently expanding, and you are always creating that life through your desires. You cannot get to a happy ending from an unhappy journey. This is why positive daily practices of feeling good are important to that creation. A joyful heart is a creative heart, and gratitude is the most significant catalyst to joy.

There is power in gratitude.

By itself, positive thinking does not create a happy life. You can think positively all you want, but it must be combined with positive emotion. If you are feeling fear while you think positively, you doubt that what you want will happen. Use the power of gratitude to change that fear.

Gratitude gives you the feeling of receiving. When you feel gratitude, you do so from an emotional place of receiving something. Appreciation or expectation of receiving what you desire is important to overcome the negative emotions of impatience, fear, and doubt. If you feel that you are always in the process of getting what you want, despite time or circumstance, it changes your perception of the lack in the now.

The emotional signature of gratitude is receiving. It is important to feel gratitude daily, despite what you see.

As you go through your day, remember these four key points:

  1. You will always desire something, that is how life works.
  2. Believe that what you want is coming to you.
  3. Give thanks daily that it is coming to you.
  4. Have fun while it does, because everything is always working out for you.

Here is a positive affirmation of gratitude to keep you going and expecting what you desire this week:

“I am grateful for my life, and I know that my blessings are always coming to me.”

Remember you can have everything you desire, ask for it and get excited about it coming to you.

Until next time!

The more you practice happiness, the better you become, and the more joyous your days. If you practice living life, you enjoy and understand it a little bit better. Make your happiness a priority, grab one of our journals.

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