Healing Energetic Cords

Healing Energetic Cords

We are all spiritual beings living in a world where we share energy with humans, animals, and nature every minute of every day. When you have a deep relationship with someone, your lives become connected. Energetic cords are spiritual connections between two bodies. They happen when an intense emotional event occurs. They can exist between parents, spouses, siblings, children, family, co-workers, friends, or strangers who may have impacted you physically or emotionally. Depending on the relationship you experienced from the connection, these cords can carry energy that can be translated as positive or negative.  

Positive cords allow you to be yourself with the person. They encourage free-flowing expressions of feelings and creativity. When you experience an undesirable life event with someone, the cord can trap the emotions and memories, creating a negative connection. Most try to ignore the thread and not face the past, but this only pinches them off from their feelings. This energetic link to another could be why many people cannot completely forgive or move on from a negative experience. They try to cleanse the thoughts or emotions, but not the energy. Healing the cord is the only way you can transform the perception of the energy. 

Healing energetic cords.

To heal an energetic cord that isn't serving you, begin by changing your perception of the connection. Consider the information flowing through the thread as corrupted because the data is focused on the experience of pain and hurt. To change the type of data being exchanged, consider gratitude. Here is a four-step practice to help you improve the energy connecting you with another.

1. This process requires dedicated time. The first step to healing energetic cords is finding time to sit in a place where you can pray or meditate, anywhere you feel 'grounded' and at ease. 

2. Secondly, spend a few minutes meditating to work on your breathing and clearing your mind. The right mindset with this practice is important.

3. Thirdly, visualize a literal cord between you and the person you are trying to release. If it's too hard to imagine the connection, use an actual piece of thread or rope and a photo of the other person at the end. To change the cord's energetic charge, imagine yourself telling the other person you are 'grateful,' but you can no longer be tied to them. Thank the person for the experience and send positive energy and love from your end towards them. If you are having trouble finding a positive, consider the person leaving your life as a blessing and redirection or catalyst to a better life. Experiences can teach you what you do not want or what you truly deserve. They can also teach you who you are and who the other person truly is. You can take this a step further by making a list of appreciation for what it means not to have this link negatively impact your life. This list can show you what you can make room for or create without connecting to the other person.

4. Accept that this relationship is no longer serving your highest good, and you are in control of clearing the mental space holding onto this bond. 'Send gratitude' to the other person and bring 'love back into your body.'  

Healing energetic cords is a process that requires time. Repeat this exercise as many times as needed. 

Bonus tip: Another person's harmful actions are not who you are, and you should not keep carrying them. Whenever the thoughts or emotions arise outside of this practice, acknowledge them. Remember, you are in control of how you feel, and you can choose to feel love. In a moment that you have a triggered memory or thought, overcome it by saying, "I release the emotions and the experience, and I send your actions back to you with love." You can create any number of empowering statements here to help you move past the situation. 

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