Find Your Fun Again

Find Your Fun Again

Hello Lifers, Happy Monday!

As you go through this week, many blessings to you!

This week, we challenge you to find your fun! Before you say you don’t have the time, or you are too distracted, hear us out. Many people feel that finding fun is about grand gestures; this is not the case. Fun is whatever you want it to be. Fun is your interpretation of joy. Simply put, fun is doing something for no other reason except it pleases you.

Fun is a very subjective matter, and what may be a joy to you might seem boring or a chore to others, and vice-versa. People often generalize the idea of having fun in activities like meeting friends, dining out, or even rock climbing. While this is undoubtedly fun to a lot of people, it isn’t to others. Never judge what you think is fun because drinking coffee can be your fun, cooking can be your fun. Just as there’s no handbook to life, there isn’t a template you can pick-up and apply when you feel the need to have fun.

You alone can identify what you enjoy doing. It can be painting, listening to music, watching movies, even taking a nap. Fun is just about anything that makes you happy and doesn’t feel like a duty.

For some, the concept of fun can feel indulgent, as though it is something you must earn. But it is essential to life, and without it, you can quickly feel caught up in an unhealthy cycle of continually working and surviving.

So, for the next week, we challenge you to find your fun. Here are a few tips.

Slow down and savor the moments.

When you go through routine tasks like eating, combing your hair, or driving to work, find something fun about it. I know this might sound crazy but appreciating the simplicity of the task can add a little joy to your day. After all, it is something you do every day, find a way to inject some pleasure into it. For example, treat yourself to something you love to eat this week, take a moment to reflect on why you like the flavors you are experiencing.

Find a reason to laugh out loud.

Do something that makes you laugh, a lot. Intentionally find something to laugh about this week, whether it’s a funny movie, comedy show, or having a conversation with someone who cracks you up. Appreciate the moment of pure joy that comes from letting your hair down and laughing. A simplified version of this is every time you laugh or smile this week, pay attention to the moment and how it feels.

Connect with your inner kid.

Remember what you loved to do as a kid and go for it. This week draw, sing, paint, or dance; do anything that makes you feel free and creative; these are the basis of joy. Make a list of things you would like to do, places to go or people you would like to connect with. Take some time to explore and remember who you are.

Take nothing personally.

This week avoid being bothered or triggered. Let things go by focusing on your reaction.

Remember, have fun! Let us know how it goes!

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