Eight Tips to Reduce Self-Judgment

Eight Tips to Reduce Self-Judgment

Ever found yourself in a moment where you are harshly criticizing yourself? Self-judgment can be very corroding on your self-esteem. Always judging every little thing you do or say can have very harmful emotional effects on your self-worth. Overly self-critical people are never fully living life. If you are someone who wants to improve the thoughts you have about yourself, the good news is that you have the power to make a change. 

We want you to understand that no one will ever achieve 100 percent positivity with their thoughts. The tips we are sharing are designed to help you identify when you are negative and provide tools to help you reduce the judgmental thoughts and improve your positive self-talk. The faster you make the shift; the less harmful the effects can be.

Here are eight ways to boost your internal dialogue and reduce self-judgment.


In an opinionated world, where anyone can dissect everything we do, say, or even post on social media, having critical self-thoughts can further tank anyone's self-esteem. The first step to improving is becoming more aware of when it is happening. The minute you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern, remember you have the power to stop it in its tracks. Refocus by replacing the negative thought by rephrasing it with a positive one.

Be more present.

Allow your awareness to lead to your mindfulness. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment. Another way to reduce judgmental thoughts is to be more in the moment. The moment the thoughts begin take a long deep breath. Tuning into breath is a great way to break the thought cycle. You can also use your other senses to bring you back to the moment. For example, listen to what is going on around you, look at something to distract you, or touch something and enjoy the sensation. 

Step back and look at the big picture.

When people make a mistake, they tend to judge themselves as a failure. One error does not mean you are a failure in life. Remember, you are never losing, you are always learning. When you find yourself in a moment where you feel incompetent, step back and look at the big picture. Take a moment to look at your progress and celebrate it. You are never where you started. 

It's all a lie.

Negative self-talk or self-judgment is all a lie. When you find yourself falling into this pattern, find the source of the lie. Most people typically repeat a past lie someone else told them about themselves. These falsehoods originate from past experiences, family, friends, or even social media. The next time you tell yourself something negative, take a moment to find the root of the untruth. The less energy you give to the lie, the more power you give to your truth.

Find the truth.

Every day someone is giving you a compliment or praise for something you did. The thing is, most people aren't paying attention. Compliments can be verbal or nonverbal and don't always come the way you imagine. A friend calling you for advice is a compliment on your friendship or ability to give great advice. Appreciate how others see you, especially the fantastic, helpful, kind, compassionate, trying, and evolving person you are. 

Find your positives.

When you find yourself focusing on your negatives, remember your positives. The best way to do this is to celebrate your wins. No one is perfect; everyone is trying, and so are you. You are valuable as a whole person, including your imperfections. 

Remember your inner child.

Take a moment to consider how you would speak to a child or your best friend and give yourself the same love. Treat yourself with care and respect. Practicing positive self-compassion and patience will become natural over time. The next time you become self-critical, ask yourself if you would speak to a child that way. Everyone has an inner child that occasionally needs some love.

Be patient.

Change never happens overnight. Stopping the negative self-judgment will take effort, time, and commitment on your part. It is a never-ending job, but you will get better and better at it. Keep going and continue to be kind to yourself. You've got this.

Until next time!

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