Do you believe in karma?

Do you believe in karma?

Most people's view on karma focuses on others getting what they deserve, yet forget it affects everyone. Karma is the belief that what you think and what you put out to the Universe is ALWAYS coming back to you.

Today we welcome you to broaden your interpretation of karma by connecting it with creation. This perspective can help you open up to the possibility of using karma to improve your life. Karma can help you develop mindfulness because it is an excellent way of being more aware of what you think and do. Consider this, if you were conscious of your thoughts and their ability to be reflected to you, how would you think differently?

Most people focus on what they don't want instead of what they want. Every thought you have possesses the ability to attract that energy into your life.

For example, the thought "I don't want to be broke anymore" creates an energy of scarcity mindset. It is important to note the Universe does not understand words. It only follows energy. The phrase "I don't want to be broke anymore" is fueled with emotions that reflect lack and limits. Even though you are expressing frustration about what you don’t want, you are creating it karmically.

If you want to invigorate your life with more money, love, or success, try rephrasing your thoughts with a series of positive affirmations that can improve your mindset.

Here is a series of thoughts that can move you from a lack to unlimited possibilities.

  • I am aware that I can create all the abundance, love, and success I desire.
  • Abundance, love, and success is always coming to me in many different ways.
  • I am always Divinely supported and guided to more.
  • Things are always working out for me.

Use these affirmations to evoke the energy of possibility, change, and hope. When you feel like there is a possibility for change, you focus energetically on solutions.

Whatever you want in life, your thoughts can determine its karma. Stay mindful and create ideas and actions that nurture and build you. With every deliberate positive thought, you improve your ability to develop the life vision you have for yourself. Staying mindful takes time, be patient with yourself as you try.

The constant practice of karmic thoughts and actions can build beautiful things in your life. You are a powerful creator; keep creating, my friends.

Until next time!

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