Controlling Your Energy. #3333

Controlling Your Energy. #3333

Last week, we shared that focusing on where your energy goes is important. This week we show you how to take control of your energy by exercising your choices. Your response to your experiences can help you evolve or keep you stuck. Don’t allow others or situations to take that power from you. The energetic path you choose can produce more distraction or clearer direction.  

Here are three tips to assist you in taking control of what you produce from the flow of your energy.

Audit your thoughts.  

Pay attention to what mentally strengthens or weakens you or builds you up or breaks you down. Your thoughts have an essential role in the flow of your energy. On any given day, many ideas pop into your head; they are usually a reaction to what is happening around you. You can manage your thoughts by looking at them with one of two responses. Are your thoughts helping you create a clear direction to what you want, or distracting you from pursuing what you desire? The more you pay attention to the thoughts you are producing, the more you can control your energy flow. Constructive responses to thoughts create positive results.

Protect your emotions.

You control your emotional energy, protect it at all costs. Interacting with others can affect this in positive and negative ways. People can energize you or drain you. If you can, we encourage you to remove yourself from any interactions that do not make you feel good. Protecting your peace does not make you a bad person. It means you can love someone from a distance and, at the same time, love your emotional stability more. It is your choice to recognize your peace is important to your wellbeing. Emotional stability is one of the biggest catalysts of positive change. 

Use gratitude to maintain momentum. 

When you focus on what you are energetically putting into your body to aid your growth momentum, you become more discerning. Consider your daily habits and how they elevate your inner faith in your fruitful future. This is why it is essential to build your spirit with positive energy. One of the easiest and fastest ways to raise your vibration when you feel stuck is gratitude. Focus your energy on what you are grateful for, and you will be encouraged to go for more. Your habits influence your life and the outcome you want. Don’t limit your growth by practicing habits that hold you back. Make the time daily to reenergize your spirit with faith through gratitude.

Everything you are focused on, everything you do daily, is producing your environment. The more consistent you are with your commitment to where your energy flows, the faster positive results show up.

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Keep going my friend, finding what feels good will empower you to live the life you desire.

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