Changing Your Story

Changing Your Story

Often, we get stuck telling the same story about ourselves, and it becomes the only story. Ever had to talk about yourself and found yourself focusing on the bad experiences and minimizing the good parts? Our life stories are created from relationships, events, successes, failures, or anything that shaped who we are and what we believe to be our truth. It is typically generated from the trying times because those impact us the most.

Ever wonder why it is easier to remember the tough times and forget the triumphant times? For some reason, negative experiences are more relatable in society; we feel that we connect better with others when we share our failures versus our wins. Nothing is wrong with sharing a story that adversely impacted you; however, depending on perspective, a negative story can be told with a triumphant ending or from a victim's perspective.

The way you tell your story makes a huge difference in how you create the end. As this year is wrapping up, take a moment to look at the ongoing story you have developed for yourself. Are you the victim or the victor of your current story?
When you accept where you have been and trust in your ability to go where you want to go, you enhance your story with self-growth because you use circumstances to fuel your life forward. On the other hand, if you become a victim of the past, by holding onto guilt, resentment, or unforgiveness, you allow your circumstances to define you and limit your ability to create a different future.

No matter which character you made the lead, victor, or victim, you are the only one who can give meaning to your story by defining the role you play in your life. Before you move into 2021, take responsibility for your story and move forward with self-compassion. You are doing the best, you know, and it is time to learn, grow, forgive, and focus on a brighter future.

Make the choice today to focus on a life story that supports you. Use your creativity, resilience, and self-kindness to create a role generous with chances as you learn and grow. Here are a 10 questions to get you started.

    1. The past cannot be changed. How can you take control of your future?
    2. What habits can you develop to support healthy, positive changes?
    3. What can you do daily to make your day better? 
    4. Things always get better with time. How can you develop more patience with your progress? 
    5. How do you judge yourself and how can you release these judgement?
    6. How can you be more patient with yourself.
    7. Happiness is found within; sHow can you spend more time with yourself to focus and develop it?
    8. How can you practice more gratitude daily.
    9. How can you focus on how you want to feel daily.
    10. How can you use your positive thoughts to create more positive things?

We hope these quick questions can help you move towards creating a plan for the next year. Invest time, energy, and effort into your Happiness, and it will always pay off. You are the author of your own story. Only you can master your peace by creating your masterpiece.

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