Be at Peace with Your Life #1010

Be at Peace with Your Life #1010

Hello Lifers, Happy Monday!

As you go through this week, many blessings to you!

“When you accept where you are, only then can you change.”

How comfortable are you with where you are? This week we want to encourage you to take a moment to reflect and appreciate where you have traveled and the work you have done to get there. You have accomplished a lot, and occasionally acknowledging your progress is needed. Yes, you may not be where you want to go, but in life, you are always on your way to somewhere. Appreciation of where you are is needed.

You have heard the term “make peace with where you are,” which can be challenging for many because they do not presently have the life they want. Making peace is not about being satisfied with not achieving your dreams; it is finding appreciation for where you are as you go after your more. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that helps you love what you have and encourage you to keep going. It is accepting that where you are, does not need to change for you to be happy. You can decide to be happy today, despite where you are on your journey.

If you are having a hard time accepting where you are, here are a few tips to make the most of the moment.

Acknowledge your progress.

Make a list of all the good things in your life. There is always something to be thankful for, and the more you acknowledge them, the more you can see the positive aspects of your life. When you feel down, it is essential to see how “up” you are.

Mistakes are only missed steps.

As you travel towards where you want to go, you will “miss-step.” Adopt the attitude that you are never losing; you are only learning. Lessons are where you master who you are.

Release perfectionism

Life will be more comfortable the moment you realize it will never be perfect, or you will never be perfect. This is why making peace with where you are, helps you see that imperfection is also progress. Life is not about perfection; it is about improving.

Patience is a friend.

Many people get impatient when what they work for is not materializing at the pace they want. Sometimes things must go slow to prepare you for when momentum increases. Patience helps you master what you have before you are given more. Consider waiting as a friend helping you craft your ability to manage your all.

You are your validation.

When patience runs low, doubt sets in, or self-criticism gets loud, pause, and look at what you have done, NOT what isn’t done. You are always making headway, no matter how your life appears. It is up to you to see your growth and unlimited possibilities. Pause and celebrate all progress, no matter the size.

You are always on your way.

Every moment you are alive, you will be in pursuit of something. Needs, wants, and desires are a part of life. What you have today you asked for yesterday, and what you will have tomorrow you asked for today.

Keep going, my friend, and remember:

Every habit begins with a simple try. Every journey starts with a single step.

That’s it for this week. Until next time.

- Teresa Commanding Life

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