Are your Habits Helping or Hindering Your Progress?

Are your Habits Helping or Hindering Your Progress?

“Your life is a reflection of your daily habits.”

What you see showing up in your life every day might be a reflection of what you think and do every day. Your mind is like every other part of your body; it needs the right fuel and exercise to thrive. Yes, positive and uplifting content can help you think differently, but the real question is, what can you do to create better?

Sometimes our day-to-day environments may not be as positive as we want, but our responsibility is to seek better. True creation happens when you do things differently to make a change. It is not enough to take in the positivity; you must activate it in your life. This is where habits can change your life.

Consider the following practices continuing education for self and the right healthy habits that can help you transform.

Read to renew.

Read books, messages, or stories that encourage, motivate, and renew you. It does not matter if you like fiction or non-fiction; focus on continually feeding the mind information that can inspire you to change. Reading the right content can help you learn new techniques that promote a change in how you look at old challenges. Take notes while you read, and review as needed.

Listen to learn.

If you don’t have the time to sit and read, take the time to listen and learn. When you are walking, driving, washing the dishes, or doing chores around the house, listen to podcasts, YouTube, or audiobooks, they can help you learn new methods to thrive. Have conversations about what you hear and learn; it will help you retain the information. Join online or in-person groups that focus on sharing and learning.

Write to succeed.

If you have never used writing to learn, start small. Begin with writing positive affirmations about yourself and posting them throughout your home. When you see them, practice saying them out loud. Expand this activity by journaling your thoughts. Journals are an excellent way for you to express your feelings and track your growth. They also help you focus on and clarify how you feel. Writing can help you release anything that might not be serving your happiness.

Use any or all of these techniques, start small and build. 

Remember, habits take time to be created, and they will take time to be removed.

Until next time.

The more you practice happiness, the better you become, and the more joyous your days. If you practice living life, you enjoy and understand it a little bit better. To make your happiness a priority, grab one of our journals today!

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