April Reset Message!

April Reset Message!

We know that reacting to life can distract anyone from who they truly are. This month’s message is here to help you find practical ways to reconnect with yourself and take control of what you want to create in your life. It is timeless and you can refer to it anytime you need a reset.

First tip. Be more heart focused. 

When something that challenges you comes up, stop, put a hand on your heart, and take a deep breath. You are a living, breathing human with feelings. 

Remind yourself that it is okay to feel how you feel. Be honest with yourself about your emotions. At that moment, don’t try to fix anything. Accept yourself. 

Taking a moment to touch your heart centers you to your heart. Remember, your heart is the seed of your thriving.

When you are more heart focused, you work at better understanding yourself. You see yourself. You see solutions. You see a way forward. Only then can you work on giving yourself what you need to feel better. 

When you feel good, you create and attract good. Trust yourself and your abilities to reset to your best.

Tip two. Be more present.

Many of us struggle to be present because we are either stuck replaying the past or creating scenarios about what we need in the future. When you find your mind traveling, try to return to the now. 

Being present is a present you give to yourself because it allows you to see your needs in the now. 

It helps you to focus on solutions, not perceived future problems or past trauma. When you are present, it is easy to see what you need now to be happy. 

You are doing a great job with where you are. Focus and tune into how much well-being already surrounds you. Celebrate that. 

If you need something to help you be more present, check out one of the many guided journals we developed to help you master the mindset to create your desired life consistently. They only take 5 minutes in the morning and at night.

They allow you to focus more on the moment and be intentional with how you want to feel.

Tip three. Be more attentive to what your body is telling you.

Our body is always telling us what it needs. This month try to tune into what it is saying. It may be saying it needs more rest, hydration, or movement. 

It may ask you to eat things that make it feel better or more alert. Maybe you just need to stretch. Whatever your body is saying to you. Listen to it.

We all know sleep is important. Creating a sleep journal may help. Track how much sleep you get and how it affects your ability to do your daily task effectively. If the message is about what you eat, pay attention to how certain foods make you feel after eating them. Only you can determine what your body needs. 

When you listen to what your body needs, you give yourself what you need to be more effective in creating what you want. 

Consider your body the vehicle carrying your precious soul, your deepest desire, and your biggest wishes, your potential for unlimited possibilities. Love on it, care for it, and connect with it.

 I hope these tips can help you reset to your best self.

 As always, many blessings to you.

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