Acceptance and Happiness

Acceptance and Happiness

When things get complicated, accepting where you are can be easy for some and hard for others. What you do in the situation can create change or keep you stuck. Your choices determine how well you face your reality and take charge of its creation. This week we want to share how acceptance can help you improve your entire life. 

Acceptance is now.

Acceptance begins with being in the present and understanding that it is only at this moment your life is happening. We all have desires for better, but ff you don't accept the now, you cannot create your tomorrow. Accept what is happening in your life at this moment and take action to build momentum for tomorrow. You can only take inspired action at this moment. If you need an affirmation to keep you hopeful, stay present, and not jump forward to the future, try the following: "I am finding pleasure at the moment because every day I am getting closer and closer to where I want to be."

Acceptance is control.

Many find letting go hard. Acceptance of the imperfections in your life allows you to take control of what you can improve. Forgive yourself and others because only you have control over how you move forward. Direct your focus into managing how you respond and how you want to feel every single day. If you need an affirmation to keep you help you with control, try the following: "I am trusting that everything is always working out for me."

Acceptance is change.

Only you can create your reality. Don't leave your life to chance. Empower yourself by exercising your ability to make better. Life is about evolution through resolution. Experiences are always gently nudging you to face and fix what holds you back. You must grow, which requires you to manage old ways of thinking by welcoming new, improved thoughts. If you need an affirmation to keep you hopeful, stay present, and not jump forward to the future, try the following: "I am at peace because things unfold as they should for my highest good."

Acceptance is joy.

Living in joy is your birthright. Your true self wants you to be happy. Everything you go through is pushing you to what you desire. At some point, you ask for what you have; find daily gratitude in that. Life will always require you to want more, but joy is acceptance of what exists. Accept your right to choose to feel happiness through gratitude. Here is a positive affirmation of acceptance to keep you going this week: "I accept what is, and I joyously work on where I want to be."

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