Tips for Surrendering and Allowing – Part 2

Tips for Surrendering and Allowing – Part 2

Last week we shared 5 tips to surrendering and allowing. This week we would like to share the last 6 tips and an affirmation.

Surrender:If you are overly worried about things out of your control.

Tip to Allow: Real freedom comes when you let go of the need to micro-manage life's aspects that are not within your control. You cannot control the acts of others; you can only control your reaction. When you feel the need to manage a situation, remind yourself: all is well, and all I can do is all I can do, and all I can do is enough. Remember, you are enough. To help you when you want to take over, write down what you can control and what you cannot. Take it a step further and create a solution based on your actions and what you can execute.

Surrender:If you are impatient and impatient to get results.

Tip to Allow: When something isn’t manifesting the way you planned, take a step back, and allow inspiration. Put your best-inspired effort forward, then let go. Remember, inspired action is better than random work. When you start pushing for quicker results, you often change the desired outcome. Surrender to the process. Worry does not bring results; creativity does. Ask yourself what you can create at this moment to move your desire forward. Sometimes doing nothing is an answer.

Surrender: If you don’t take the time to breathe and check-in with yourself.

Tip to Allow: We all have a built-in guidance system that will lead us to our desires. The trick is to check in with yourself and hear the wisdom that comes. Life never wants you to take the difficult road. If you're going to lead life from peace, you need to connect to yourself regularly, so we learn to hear what our truth sounds like to us. Prayer is where you ask God/Source, and meditation is when we listen for the answer. In the following weeks, we will be sharing tips on meditation or tuning in. Stay tuned.

Surrender:If your mindset is focused only on what is going wrong.

Tip to Allow: This comes back to what you have control over - your perspective. When you focus on everything that isn’t working well in your life, you lose your next steps and often get stuck in a cycle of suffering. When you focus on everything that is doing well, you illuminate the path to a better life. When there is a light shining on everything you love about our experience, it becomes easier to follow your higher path - this is the path of least resistance. This is why listing things you are grateful for is essential. Make it a habit to write down what you are thankful to have in your life.

Surrender:If you have lost faith in the possibilities of miracles.

Tip to Allow: Sometimes, life serves up hardships, and it becomes second nature to spiral downward into despair. When you stay there for too long, you can lose your sense of wonder and faith. Embarking on a one step at a time, one day at a time approach is a natural approach back to faith. This back-to-basics approach is all about surrendering to the process and releasing the need to control what comes next. There is something profound in rebuilding a foundation. The noise and push-pull of life that was once important begins to fall away. The rebuilding phase and one step at a time approach can bring the most beautiful growth and life experiences. Start by looking at the opportunities, blessings, positive things that happen in your day, no matter how small. When you focus on these little things, you notice how many occur on any day. This can build your faith.

Surrender:If you forgot how to daydream, it is time to surrender.

Tip to Allow: When was the last time you daydreamed and felt hopeful and excited to be alive? When you choose to have a playful mindset and dare to dream big dreams, you move beyond your perceived limitations. See what happens when you permit yourself to use your imagination to believe in what may be possible in your life. See what changes when you start looking for the magic and limitless possibilities around you. Use your creative power to get excited about life and to dream new dreams. The more you imagine, the more you open up about possibilities. Write down all your dreams today.

We hope these can help you. Here is a bonus affirmation you can include with your morning routine.

“I surrender the need to control the timing of my life and allow the Universe to bring abundant goodness to me. I am grateful for what I have accomplished, and I gracefully release what doesn't serve me. I am contented with the miracles manifesting, and I focus forward. I am living in the moment with a peace of mind that Source is in control, and all will be well.”

Until next time.

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