Give Yourself More Credit

Give Yourself More Credit

Take a second to reflect on what you have gone through. This is not to live in the past but to recognize your growth. Be grateful you are not who you used to be, and you have used your abilities to triumph. You have worked diligently to improve yourself and your situation. Honor your progress and keep trusting the process. Today be grateful, celebrate, and give yourself credit. 

In the end, our lives are not measured by our accomplishments, it is measured by the little steps and decisions we make every day. Celebrating your progress is a great way to encourage yourself to keep going.

Here are seven areas you probably don’t give yourself credit for, but you should.

All the pain you’ve pulled yourself through.

For many of us, life has not been a smooth ride, but you made it through. Give yourself credit for doing what needed to be done to change your situation. Most people never stop to acknowledge just how much strength and tenacity it takes to make it through the tough times. 

All of the times you remained strong for other people.

When life happens, at least one person has to hold it together and allow others the room to manage at their pace. Credit yourself for all the times that person was you. Not everyone can handle that role with grace.

For trying, even with the uncertainty of the outcome.

We get upset when we fail, but we rarely stop to take credit for going after what we want. When we try, it does not always work out, but in the long run, becoming the kind of person who takes risks is admirable. It is a greater feat than anyone who isn’t even willing to try.

The mornings when you didn’t feel like getting out of bed but did anyway.

It takes a lot of strength to get up and face the day when you don’t feel like it. Many people don’t give themselves enough credit for the dedication it takes to maintain happiness. Some people lose this battle before they even begin. If you’re always (or almost always) able to pull yourself together to face the day, even when you don’t want to, you’re probably doing better than you think.

The amazing people you have surrounding you.

Great friendships should never be underestimated. The people you have in your life aren’t by chance. Friendships take work and are a direct reflection of the energy you put into nurturing them. If you’re surrounded by loving human beings, chances are you are pretty fantastic company yourself.

All of the unhealthy experiences you’ve walked away from.

Toxic experiences can happen from time to time. Whether it was a job, relationship, situation, or thought pattern, give yourself credit for walking away. Recognizing something is unhealthy for you, and consciously deciding to remove it from your life takes a lot of courage.

All of the healthy relationships you’ve nurtured.

Chances are, your life is full of healthy relationships. Take the time to consider or appreciate them fully. You have spent a lot of time focusing on the relationships that fell apart, take a moment to enjoy the ones that are blooming. Take time to pause and consider the friendships you have that mean the most to you.

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