Do You Know How to be Happy?

Do You Know How to be Happy?

Everyone wants to be happy; sadly, not many people know exactly. Do you know what happiness means to you? Happiness is a state of satisfaction or contentment that comes from a moment. Happiness comes from living in the moment, rather than yearning for when you think you will achieve some success. Happiness is all about living in the now.

Here are five quick ways to help you find more happiness.

Write a Thank You note to yourself. When was the last time you thanked yourself for achieving all that you have? Write a note just as you would to a friend thanking yourself for who you are and what you do best. Boast about yourself for being awesome.

Find joy in simple things. Many times, we get busy 'doing' we forget to 'be' in the moment. The next time you have a conversation with someone you love, focus on their smile, laughter, or words of excitement. Those are the happiest of moments, tune into them.

Take 30 seconds to breathe. There is no easier way to make time for yourself and be grateful for your existence than to breathe. Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose for a count of three, and out through your mouth for a count of five. Repeat this five times or as needed. With every inhale, appreciate having a life.

Sit in ‘satisfaction’ for 2 minutes. When was the last time you just sat for a second and decided to be happy for no reason? Just try it, you have nothing to lose.

Create a Happiness Calendar. April's Patreon Community Challenge was all about guiding you on how to schedule activities that make you happy. Happiness is a daily habit. To find out more about this month's challenge and access more content, click here or go directly

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